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as you may noticed we had some issues with premium while trying to improve it
so most premium users lost there badge & colour
It was due to the new feature added that allows premium users to change there color.
so i did some tests but it didn't work, but some how it deleted the (showing) usergroup
from premium members, king donators,all staff members employees & maybe even more.

we could put on a older backup but some members might lose some data from their account.

So what did we do?

  • 1) take a backup of ConsoleCrunch recently
  • 2) Chose a older backup ( 2 days older )
  • 3) i put all the users data ( from the older backup ) TO > the latest ( recent ) backup so it would keep the recent data but the users data from 2 days ago.

So less data will be gone

( short: we use data from today, but the users info is 2 days old )

what could (not) have been deleted?

All data from ConsoleCrunch such as threads etc shouldn't be gone.
by Eric at 4:07 PM
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Telltale's The Walking Dead series will continue into a third season. The studio's co-founder Kevin Bruner confirmed the news during the Skybound Entertainment panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

Telltale remained vague on many of the details of the next season, including a release window. Considering that the adventure game studio has both Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones slated for 2014, it's a safe bet that TWD Season 3 won't start until 2015. Telltale also didn't comment on whether or not Clementine would come back as the main character.

by Chury89 at 9:09 PM
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Hello maybe some of you have already seen there been added some more colors to ConsoleCrunch.
Only Premium members can change their own color. There are 8 different colors to choose from!


Premiums go to your account page ( )
by "Your Account" the option 'Change Name Color' is now available!
also in the 'Settings' tab at the left fully down the option is now available!

White (red) - [​IMG]

White (blue) - [​IMG]

Blue - [​IMG]

Purple - [​IMG]

Yellow -...
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Sony's Chris Owen Tweeted today that their PS4 Now TV application is available on PlayStation 4 in the UK with details below.

To quote: "Sky's media app, Now TV, has been added to PlayStation 4 in the UK according to a tweet by PlayStation Europe's English community manager Chris Owen.

Available since last year on PS3, the Now TV app allows users to pay for on-demand movies, TV shows and sports - each with their own subscription.

A Sky Movies monthly pass goes for £8.99, while an Entertainment pass costs £4.99, and a Sky Sports day pass is £9.99.

Last we checked, Now TV was also slated to come to Xbox One sometime this summer."
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Today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer aldostools released PS3 Registry Editor 1.0 which follows in the footsteps of the PS3 xRegistry Editor by Stoker25 allowing users to modify their PS3 registry files.

Download: PS3_Registry_Editor.rar / PS3 Tools Collection 2.7.25

To quote: A viewer and editor on the PC for the PS3 registry file xRegistry.sys found at /dev_flash2/etc/

WARNING: Do not modify your xRegistry.sys unless you have the proper Checkum/Header ID for the value being changed. The checksum algorithm is currently unknown.

As with any tool messing with your internal flash files use caution and at your OWN Risk, As there is always a potential error that could occur and potentially cause a brick to your PS3 console!

What's new?

This tool does most of the functions of xRegistry Editor 0.75...
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Just a day after Sony released PS4 Firmware Update 1.74 they have now announced that PlayStation 4 System Software / Firmware Update 1.75 is incoming with details below.

To quote via Twitter: PlayStation Europe

Coming soon: PS4 system software update 1.75 adds 3D Blu-ray film support. #4ThePlayers

As always, we will update this article with PlayStation 4 System Software / Firmware Update 1.75 download links and additional details when it arrives.

Update: According to Sony's North American PlayStation 4 Twitter account the PS4 1.75 update is slated for next week, to quote:

Coming next week: PS4 system software update 1.75 adds 3D Blu-ray film support. Woo-hoo!
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Following up on his previous updates, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer Alexander has released Ferrox 4.60 PS3 CFW NoBD Edition v1.00 with the changes outlined below.


MD5: 510B9655FC78F651B069ED6FE6822BA1

To quote, roughly translated: CFW FERROX 4.60 NOBD EDITION By Alexander!

Thanks to Patch NOBD Alexander has managed to create the NOBD EDITION of the CFW 4.60, so even those with PS3 and Logic board broken or absent can update latest version of the Sony FW.

The CFW is running, and start the Homebrew without BD player, even multiMAN is running by doing a reconstruction of the file system and database. Following the download.


  • Absent Player installed on PS3
  • Homebrew and Backup...
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Following up on his previous revision, PlayStation 3 homebrew developer KW (via kokotonix) has updated PSN Patch to v4.60.01 for PS3 Custom Firmware, which allows users to temporarily disable their CFW, spoof their Console ID and more as detailed below.

Download: psnpatch 4.60.01


What is PSNpatch ?

  • Spoofs IDPS (console ID) and PSID;
  • Disables cfw syscalls (emulates official firmware);
  • Cobra stealth extensions for perfect cfw disabling in COBRA systems;
  • Deletes game launch history;
  • Installs RAPs and EDATs.
  • Unlocks PSN (c00) game demos.
  • It Patches new games to run in 4.46 systems.
  • Spoofs firmware version from cobra 4.46 & 4.5X to ANY OTHER version.
  • PSNPatch plugin available (at the moment) for cobra systems;
  • Includes webMAN installation and XMB configuration.
by ItzDannyBoii at 3:22 AM
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The Destiny beta is now open to all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners, Bungie has announced.

In the announcement, Bungie says that the open beta starts at 4 PM PDT. You'll need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play online, naturally. Download advertisements will appear directly on the console once it rolls out.

"We have watched your adventures with great interest, and listened to your feedback. Your missions have provided us with volumes of discoveries we can use to prepare for the launch of Destiny in September," the announcement states. "Our work is not done. There is more we can learn. To make this happen, we need more Guardians to play. This is, above all else, a test."

The beta arrived for PlayStation 4 pre-orders first, then expanded to Xbox One this week. It seems to have generated plenty of interest, seeing as supply of the $150 "Ghost Edition" was running so short that retailers have been forced to cancel preorders. Activision released a statement about it today,...
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GTA: workig
Ghost: Banned
Credits: @magneto327