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Following the PSNStuff v3.00 open-source final release by Sinsizer, today PlayStation 3 developer jamesst20 released PSNDL v0.1 which he calls the new PSNStuff for obtaining free PSN games with details below.

Download: PSNDL -

To quote: Hi everyone! I am glad I finally came to a stable enough stage to publish my brand new project ! I have decided to take in hand the future of "PSNStuff" which I started from scratch completely in Java instead of C# !

What makes PSNDL better than PSNStuff?

  • Works on every OS! (Only tested in Windows 8.1 64 Bits as today)
  • Multiple downloads at same time!
  • Rename package name to a readable name
  • Requests can be easily validated via a website
  • Nice interface
  • You tell me [​IMG] !

Please, don't be too hard with me, you can't expect PSNDL to be perfectly stable before v1.0! It is currently in...
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Buy Now:

CIDs are obtained through DEAD PS3 Boards. These ID's are PREMIUM AND PRIVATE just for yourself =) SO enjoy!

The reason CID is $40 is because it is Extremely Private, and 1 CID is sold for 1 Person. Motherboard is then marked USED and for Parts only. As Photos attached.

CID SALE $25 for TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

This is for all the idiots who keeps thinking I steal CID's photos attached. I collect broken Motherboards from Junkyards and marked CID when its been USED.
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An American Airlines flight was diverted earlier today after a group of supposed hackers used Twitter to call in a bomb threat. The group, which had previously claimed responsibility for recent PlayStation Network downtime, appeared to target the flight because Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley was on board. Smedley tweeted to confirm the flight, which took off from Dallas bound for San Diego before landing in Phoenix, was diverted due to the threat.
The group had tweeted at the flight's operator, saying it had been receiving reports that Flight 362 from Dallas to San Diego had explosives on board. It followed the tweet up with messages...
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Sony isn't expected to begin maintenance on the PlayStation Network until tomorrow, but PlayStation users were surprised to wake up and find that the online service is already down.

Upon trying to login to PSN, users are greeted with error code "NW-31456-9," which reads "Cannot connect to the server within the time limit."

I got the error code: "NW-31201-7," which simply reads "Cannot connect to the server."

Apparently, it is the result of a DDOS attack by a hacking group known as Lizard Squad. The group, which apparently has nothing better to do with their time, admitted to the hacking, but didn't really give a reason other than the usual "Sony is a greedy corporation" excuse.

To see LizardSqaud's view on this situation click here

Click here to view the original...
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Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer brunolee made available a batch collection dubbed PS3 Waves Tool with details below.

Download: PS3 WAVES Tool.rar

To quote: To facilitate a little the MOD of waves: PS3 WAVES Tool by brunolee


WAVES Decrypt Encrypt lines.bat

  • Double click on "WAVES Decrypt Encrypt lines.bat" will encrypt or decrypt your lines
  • "lines" will be encripted to "lines.qrc"
  • "lines.qrc" will be decrypted to "lines"
  • Require "lines" or "lines.qrc" in same Directory of batch

WAVES MNUs PrePatched lines.bat

  • Double click on batch will open a list of MOD "MNUs" settings to put in lines pre patched

WAVES Imput DDSs TGAs.bat

  • Double click on batch will open a list of MOD "DDSs" and "TGAs" to imput in lines
  • This uses a "ORIGINAL" as default and MOD folder selected to imput
  • Require "lines"...
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It's here. The final major update for my PS3 Manager!



IP Storage increased to 10.
CID Storage increased to 10.

Updated the GUI:
1. TMAPI Manager is no longer on a drop down menu, and now in its own groupbox.

2. Added new section for Settings, adding some personalization to the program, making it more user friendly.

3. Upon connection, the title of the form will display the IP it is connected too.

4. Upon clicking "Clear IP Memory" it prompts you if you really want to do this, and explains what it does. This is so if you accidentally press the button, you can click no.

5. Upon clicking "Clear CID Memory" it prompts you if you really want to do this, and explains what it does. This is so if you accidentally press the button, you can click no.

6. Form resized to be a smaller window.

7. Button Color - A user setting to change the buttons of the form. Pointless nevertheless, however, it adds a bit of user...
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They got swatted, and while they had their house searched the police found weed, apparently.

and both were taken into custody. :blackeye:
I have not confirmed this, but apparently people are saying that the same kid who swatted the OpTic house swatted them too.

all in all, top kek.


Mugshots: [​IMG] <--- Whiteboy's Arrest record.

Screenshot, just in case it gets removed or whatevs: [​IMG]



There's even a video: