Get Around Call of Duty Ghost 1.07 Instant Ban

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    I know hacking247 posted the original thread with the self_mp but he never said how to use it properly. That's why I'm making this thread to show you how to get around the Call of Duty Ghost 1.07 instant ban. This is 100% working I've been playing all day with every Non-Host mod you can think of even some not in tools and I have not been banned. I haven't tested this with stats or anything other than Non Host in game mod such as: Advanced UAV, Orange Box, Big

    When I was testing I was only using CCAPI not DEX shortly after I signed in with DEX I was banned, DONT USE DEX

    If you look at the error message it says [Your PS3 Profile] has been banned. Notice how it doesn't say your PSN Name. But if you make a new profile and sign in with the same account you get the the same error message, I had an account banned way before this ban wave and it said [PureHavoc-] has been banned so what are they banning?

    You Need:

      • New Account
      • default_mp.self (if anyone has the default_mp send it to me so i can make a new link the old one doesn't work anymore)
      • CCAPI (Important so you don't have a modified EBOOT!)
    Delete your Call of Duty Ghost patch and install a clean one

    Install the default_mp.self into the USRDIR of your Ghost Patch (FTP, USB)

    Load up Call of Duty Ghost go to Multiplayer Hit Play online and Sign In if you haven't already (You should be in a party)

    Connect your tool and enable RPC (Pure Havoc 2.01b, Public Cheater v2.1.0, Call of Duty Ghosts Editor V1.4)

    Open up your XMB and Sign Out (Should take you to multiplayer menu)

    Go back to your tool and choose your Mods, Sign In, and play online

    Under No Circumstances Should You EVER change a byte loaded up after you hit play online while your signed in they detect that and your banned!My theory:
    As soon as you sign in and your in a party the Debugger gets all of your online offsets. Then when you sign out and you change those offsets the game never detects any modifications because you weren't connected to the server. Thus the game loads all the modded offsets and you get around the ban. Don't know if thats exactly how it works but it works for me haha

    I also tried to use some DVARs to make a Private Match into a Public one and it worked but I couldn't move my player around. My ps3 wasn't frozen I could hear all the in game sounds the leafs where moving I just couldn't move. Hopefully this can turn into a better force host once I get it working.

    Attention Xbox found a way to bypass the ban system, please help find these offsets for a full proof ban prevention method!
    Xbox Offsets: 0x8418DF80, 0x8418DDF0
    My guess anywhere from 0x118DF80 to 0x418DF80
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    lol this has been fixed you get banned now
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    I think I could have copied and pasted my own thread.

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