Fortnite Update V3.5.1 Fixed Multiple Bugs

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    As some of you may know, a few days ago Fortnite was having some serious issues with the login system. This in turn was also causing issues with matchmaking for those that where still logged in. Epic ended up making the decision to completely shut down the servers in order to fix these issues as quickly as possible. Well, the servers where eventually back up around 6PM GMT the following day and a new patch was released which helped address other annoying bugs.

    While the patch was pretty extensive, coming in at just shy of 3GB (2.876), some things worth mentioning that have been fixed are; the broken sprint animation whilst firing a guided missile, rare game crashes when logging out, PS4 players getting disconnected from parties after games, login queue problems and more.

    To add to this, V-Bucks are now finally being shared between Xbox One, PC and mobile. However, there's been nothing said wether or not PlayStation players can take advantage of this feature or not yet.

    Players can download the patch on the platform of their choice if they haven't already done so now. You can check out a full patch notes list via the Epic Games website or at the end of this article.

    Fortnite was released as an early access beta last year and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile.

    CyberPunk Heroes (Save The World)


    New Neon Weapons Added To Save The World.


    General Bug Fixes;

    - 'Building Edit' hotkey can be bound to keys other than 'G'

    Save The World Bug Fixes;

    - We're changing the Mini-Boss mission alerts for Canny and Twine back to their pre V3.5 state.

    -'Repair the Shelter' objectvie now activates when you interact with the control panel rather than be based on proximity to objective.

    - Granted all players two free Spring Llamas (can be found in the loot tab).

    -We've change the way we convert event tickets. Players get 1 event Llama per 1000 tickets and 1 LLama for any tickets left over. Eg, If you have 5 tickets left at the end of the event, you still get 1 free event Llama.

    Battle Royale Bug Fixes;

    -Fixed an issue where players could fire weapons before the equip animation had finished if they were sprinting.

    -Fixed several client crashes that were related to the new Replay System.

    -Fixed an issue that broke player’s walking / sprinting animations if they were firing a Guided Missile while walking/sprinting.


    -Wood, Stone, and Metal resources will now always be the first items in the inventory list (e.g. instead of Traps).

    -Purchased V-Bucks are now shared between Xbox One, PC and Mobile.

    -Login Queue Improvements: During wait periods, login will now remember your place in line if you quit out of the game and return. Mobile devices will not enter the login queue more than once per login attempt. Two-Factor Authentication challenges will not put you back into the login queue.

    -Adjusted the Login screen layout to better support varying screen sizes and safe zones.

    -Fixed a rare crash that occurred during logout.

    -Fixed PS4 players leaving their party after a match where they are playing with players on other platforms.

    -Fixed Survivor and Hero squads being locked after switching to Save the World from Battle Royale.

    -On PC, fixed PS4 controllers showing Xbox buttons, even after the controller type was changed in the settings.

    -Fixed rare cases in which character parts would stretch unnaturally. (Example) Ears of the Rabbit Raider outfit.

    -Fixed the inability to rotate elements in the Battle Royale Locker after buying a Llama in Save the World.


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