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    The ability to purchase Premium has been gone for a while. But now, we're bringing it back for free.

    How to get Premium
    Contests - Do a certain task to be eligible to win

    Contribute - Make relevant posts (This can also reward you with a Staff rank if you do enough of them)
    Giveaways - We will create giveaway posts where all you have to do is comment.

    When will Premium come back?
    As soon as possible, we're working on cleaning up the old posts a bit. But it won't be long.

    What can I get as a Premium member?
    We will be giving away FREE Private Console ID's over there, only available for our Premium members.

    And we will be doing Exclusive Private Console ID Giveaways
    where you will be able to win your very own Console ID.

    Premium Colors
    As well as all the above, you will also get a cool Username Color to stand out from the rest!
    Currently we have:





    But we will also be adding more of these later on.

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