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Working Selling Private Console ID'S [100% Privates] [1 Week Warranty] [25 USD]

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1 week warranty!!

Unlimited STOCK!

(Remember only my Cids shop have a warranty)

How to buy:

Click this link to purchase:

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(Console ID will be auto sent to your PayPal Email!!)
UPDATED AT: 23 July 2021

Please, Leave a positive feedback after buying it!

Please Read:

NOTE: You will get your cid instantly, check your PAYPAL inbox/spam box

Contact me if you have any problem via EMAIL:


Release PS4 7.55 Jailbreak

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MIRA for 7.55

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7.55 jailbreak

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PS4 7.55 Jailbreak...

Announcement Console ID'S will be available again and FREE!

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After various SEO and administrative tests, we have decided to continue posting console ID'S. However, we will continue to focus on Gaming, but without halting the publishing of IDS for our loyal customers.

@Tico will continue to be responsible for keeping the Console ID'S section up to date.

Best Regards.

ConsoleCrunch.org Server Administrator.

Announcement Rules, Guidelines, and Expectations

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Hello everyone! Below, you will find just what is to be expected for our forums. Failure to follow these will result in a warning, and/or ban. Let's jump in, shall we?

General Rules:

• You may not post any spam of any kind at anytime.

• "I didn't know this was a rule", "I didn't read the rules", etc, are not excuses. You must read the rules and follow them. Ignorance of the rules is only on you. We make sure you are able to see the rules at all times.

• You are definitely to not post porn of any kind to any of the forums. (This 100% includes hentai, loli, and CP. If you are caught posting any CP/loli, your IP will be reported to police and will be banned here as well.)

• Post your topics in the correct section. There are different sections for a reason, please use them properly. If you do not know where you should post a topic, please reach out to a [COLOR=rgb(0, 255...

Tutorial Jailbreaking iOS Devices up to 14.3! [Unc0ver]

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Yo, yall. If you didn't update to the latest iOS 14.4, you can jailbreak your device!

Non US Users: If any of these sites do not work for you, use a vpn! it works!

First off, you need to backup your device. Always, always, ALWAYS backup your device before doing anything jailbreaky.

You want to have iTunes installed, as well as iCloud installed on your PC.

Navigate over to altstore and download the altserver.
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After everything is installed, sign into your apple id. (AltStore is safe, so dont worry about anything risky, dont take my word for it though, research the name)

Plug your phone into your computer, and click on altserver. In the bottom corner where apps are running in the background, you should see a lil diamond. Click that, and itll say "install altstore >" with your devices name listed. Do that.

It'll ask you for your apple id info once again, go ahead and enter it in. Now, on your phone, make sure you have unlocked it...