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Sony has announced God of War III Remastered is coming to PlayStation 4 soon.

The updated version of the game will feature 1080p graphics and other additions, all done to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the franchise.

Originally released way back in 2010 on PS3, IGN's review of God of War 3 gave the title a 9.3, finding it to be an amazing offering that refines everything good about the series topped off with a pretty face.

Original Post By IGN
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iMCSx's VSH Patcher
What is this program ? :

- It's a windows program to patch definitely your VSH to connect on PSN. As you saw recently, the PSN return a specific error, but once you'll patch your vsh it will works. You don't need to repeat this tutorial once donc (except you install a new spoof or a new firmware).

Why a release ? :

- I saw a lots of people with a lots of PSN issues, well i created this program in 1 hour and i hope you'll like it. The source code is on GitHub is someone want to look how it works (i'm new at GitHub

When i need to use it ? :

- If you are on CEX you need to install the lastest spoof available, the more higher (if before the psn error you was connected online it's good).
- If you patch the VSH and you install a spoof just after, the spoof will replace the vsh (well the fix will be deleted) the VSH Patcher is the last step to done to connect online.

Tutorial :

- Before begins, i...
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1) Open Rebug Toolbox and switch to normal mode, reboot.
2) Copy the "VSH" and "REBUG"* folders from the "dev_rebug" folder into "/dev_rebug/" or "/dev_blind/", overwriting the original files.
3) Reboot and switch back to Rebug mode, then reboot again and you're done.
Sign in at your own risk...

*4.46.1 doesn't have a "REBUG" folder.

REBUG 4.65.2 Spoofer
REBUG 4.46.1 Spoofer
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PS3ITA has released their new 4.70 spoofer!

This spoofer is compatible with CFW PS3ITA: 4.50 DEX, 4.50 DEX COBRA, 4.55 DEX.

You can download it here:!k5xXRRoS!_DZaH7hxhwEQFF63mNQ-KzZ7LEpR_0TxgvOYfyDxybM

Credits: PS3ITA

Source: PS3ITA - Playstation Italian Hacking Community

The risk of BAN is always high (perhaps even increased). Ps3ita assumes no responsibility for any ban of your account or console. Everything is at your own risk. If you do not want to be banned do not connect your PS3 to PSN! You have been warned!
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Korean site KDramaStars (update: link removed ’cause clickbait; see below) today reports that hacker group the Lizard Squad looks set to release a PS4 jailbreak later this year.

The site reports, but does not link to, a claim by Lizard Squad on 4chan saying an exploit has been found in PS4 2.03 firmware, allowing for the jailbreak hack. Furthermore, the site alleges that Lizard Squad has based their work on that done back in 2013 by a hacker named Rexkz0r.

In 2013, security analyst Graham Cluley reported that Reckz0r said a jailbreak was possible, and took to PasteBin to show how.

“As you all know, PS4 runs Orbis OS, that is highly based on FreeBSD (which is a opensource operating system), and as the PS4 is closely identical to a PC, I guess you all knew that PS4 and the Xbox One will probably end up getting pwned soon, and now..its time,” Rexkz0r said.

It’s all rumours and speculation, so take this all...
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Sony Has Finally Patched Spoofers on Cfw Like Ps3 ita - Rebug - Rogero Some of You may Realise That when You try to sign in To Psn Networks You You are welcome With a Error Message '80710a06'
Its not a network or Internet issue ,it just Mean sony has finally Patched cfw spoofer and You cant
access Psn Networks or Get Online on a Custom Firmware.
Its official and it been confirm by the modders comunity almost every where i check.and some people have said that sony is coming with a 4.70 Update (this has not been confirm yet) .but it has been confirm that People on Habib 4.66 Can sign in to psn networks Without any issues.


1 - Convert/Install/switch To HABIB 4.66 cfw or DARKNET cfw
2 - Wait for a Fix to Be released for Your Cfw ,But be awared that nobody knows How long it will Take for the fix.


- CFW HABIB 4.66 v.1.01 COBRA 7.03

HABIB 4.66 V1.01

- CFW...
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Hey Guys, I'm selling an OG PSN.

PSN: sp*ciate
Meaning: The formation of new biological species through the process of evolution.
Hint: ConsolECrunch

I can Also Add Trophies if you want too.
Level 25 Trophies = Extra $15
Level 50 Trophies = Extra $25

Only Accepting Amazon Gift Card or PayPal
Also come with OG Sign In ID & DOB.

No stupid offers.
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At CES 2015 we had a chance to check out Nyko’s Data Bank, a clever storage solution for the PlayStation 4. It's essentially a housing for a hard drive that sits on top of your PS4, and it's on track to becoming the cheapest way to push your PS4’s storage beyond a terabyte.

It's easy to upgrade your PS4's hard drive, but if you want to go big, it can be costly shelling out for a terabyte or larger drive. The PS4 takes a 2.5-inch hard drive meant for a laptop, but the Data Bank lets you use a cheaper 3.5-inch desktop sized drive.

We had a chance to go through the assembly process with the Data Bank, and it was just as easy as you might hope. It's a breeze to remove the top casing from the left side of the PS4 and click the Data Bank into place. The result is a secure fit, and it draws power from the console’s AC adapter, not a USB port. Nyko even includes a little...
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I know I said lot of times that I was working with AstraGTC, but he closed his premium and I have lost a provider, but I was working hard on it and I have found another provider

@makaveli_76 Our french friend has been welcome as our new Premium Console ID provider

I will be buying 3 console ID'S per week to him for our premium area

I want to be buying more premiums ID'S but first we need to increase our premium area

so for now im buying 3 IDS per week, better that than nothing, you think?

Kind Regards

Your ConsoleCrunch Leader.

How to upgrade Premium:
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Developer ‘deank’ has really been on a roll the last couple of days, and has again, updated multiMAN from 04.70.00 to 04.70.02 in response to feedback from users. Check out more information + download below:

You can update mM to 04.70.02.

The online update is just 2MB and should be used if already on mM 04.70.xx. The BASE CEX (38MB) is available in the WEB column (along with the UPD).

Download: via Brewology ; Mirror