by Disaster1989 at 1:19 PM
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Due to a lot of bugs I have found in the NEW THEME, I have add the OLD THEME back, I will be fixing this in almost 1 week

Thank you.
by Skyrish at 5:04 PM
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Do you want to be the best? Then the Veteran rank is for you. Freshly introduced today is the brand new Veteran rank. This rank is for the best members of CC in aspects of contributions, total posts, total likes and join date.


- How do I achieve this rank / badge? -

You'll need to have a minimum of;

- 500 Posts

- 500 Likes Recieved

- Been a member of Console Crunch for over 1 year.

- Contributed at least 5 hacks, ID's, or any releases which are generally useful.

- Withheld a good reputation for the time that you have been here.

- Must have Contributor.

- How do I apply for the rank? -

You can apply within our Staff Application's section, we will then review your account and add the rank based upon your total attributes. Just post a thread with the title "X - Veteran Application". The X being your username.

by Eric at 1:49 AM
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The newest update to the PlayStation 4 Share Factory went live today, adding new effects, device support and quality improvements.

Version 1.03 adds a new "horror" theme to shares, David Platt, senior producer at Sony Computer Entertainment said on Twitter. Share Factory will also support high quality microphones now, as well as better quality on audio playback and export capabilities.

New editing improvements allow users to set transition volume on clips, and also adjust filter effects, one of which is brand new. Clips will also be auto-trimmed to 10 seconds if they don't fit into the project timeline –– users can then adjust the clips to their liking.

Platt also mentioned the high number of users requesting the ability to slow down or speed up clips, and said Sony would like...
by Disaster1989 at 3:19 AM
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I have asked for a lot of users to have a new time, and now I want to know your opinion about this new theme

Keep in mind that this new theme is customizable by the user:


Also If you do not like this theme you can select the old one with clicking on here on the Footer:

by Disaster1989 at 6:45 PM
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Hello guys, I have recently saw a mysql problem that when you register a new username it comes with an error from mysql databases, I have marked this error as resolved and you can now come to us with a signup!

Kind Regards!

Your Server Administrator.
by Skyrish at 4:31 PM
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Recently, I've introduced a new user-group, under the name of Editor. These guys will be in charge of posting up-to-date news to CC's index page (www.consolecrunch.org/index.php) for everyone to see. These news could be anything from PC Gaming, Console gaming, and even just general gaming / technology news.

Us (the admins) will begin taking applications for Editor tonight. We will be looking for a maximum of 3 Editors. More information will follow as I make some changes (adding a Staff Recruitment section, too). If you're a knowledgeable, hard-working individual who is FLUENT in the English language, then, feel free to apply and we will review your applications and get back to you within 2-3 working days.

Kind Regards,
by Eric at 10:28 PM
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Iron Banner is a week-long Destiny Crucible event from October 7-14. Unlike standard Crucible matches, Iron Banner players will enjoy the full advantages of their equipment in competitive 6-on-6 matches.


Typical Destiny Crucible events adjust the effectiveness of player weapons and armor for competitive balance. Weapons in Iron Banner battles, however, deal their full unscaled damage against foes, and armor provides protection based on umodified rating relative to enemy weapon rankings. Thus, characters with more powerful gear will be at a decided competitive advantage.


by Eric at 1:39 AM
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With a handful of updates incoming, Destiny will be offline for several hours on Tuesday, October 7.

This was announced by Bungie, who warned of its offline status via Twitter and elaborated on the planned fixes being made through the update.

"Most of the changes included in this update will improve the technology that enables players to connect to Destiny," the blog update reads. "The player experience will remain unchanged, aside from the stability for some users who have encountered issues connecting to servers."

The update addresses a handful of bugs and connectivity issues, including better logging of player disconnections, a fix to the bug that allows quick scoping on...
by Skyrish at 12:29 PM
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I'm stuck on ideas at the moment, so put it this way. What do you guys want to be added / changed / removed on CC? Post your opinions and ideas here and me (or one of the respective admins) will review your idea and discuss the possibility of it being added. No stupid ideas please!

by S atan at 10:31 AM
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Following up on the previous PlayStation 4 development leaks, today a PS4 SDK (Software Development Kit) leak has surfaced via Robert Sebo from SCEDevNetwork which includes an Activated Testing Kit / HDD, ATF & LevelEditor, SN Systems files and more with details below!

Download: PS4 Activated Testing Kit / HDD / PS4 ATF & LevelEditor (PS4 Authoring Tools Framework and LevelEditor) / PS4 SN Systems + .PUP / Neighborhood for PlayStation 4 /some_sectors.7z by zecoxao

To quote: *FREE* package for everyone!