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  1. kasyen
    kasyen FatalityGTAV
    you post cids? i need one
  2. Joshuathimmes
    Joshuathimmes Đϵⱴ
    Yo how y'all get the color name
    1. Đϵⱴ
      You can purchase premium. But I am a moderator
      Jan 21, 2020 at 11:06 PM
  3. NostraIsBack
    000000010083000B140257CF94A35F34 Credits: JASON83HD
  4. Yournightmare0
    Well i just joined lol
  5. Charles Brown
    Charles Brown
    Can any one help me out with cod ghost season pass
  6. iFatalty
    iFatalty KGALV420
    sorry for disturbing sir, you said you got alot of cid´s, im asking you can i get 1 of them Maybe?
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    2. KGALV420
      Do you know of any good XMB customisation pkg's or iso's that change icon's and symbols. or cfw themes and what do you use? PSNinja or PSPatch. both are good. i use PSPatch and spoof cid and psid aswell as disable CFW. then im all goods to sign in. what about you
      Jan 15, 2020
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    3. iFatalty
      same here, im using psnpatch and spoofID, im using the rainbow waves xmb style, my Little brother installed a pkg for customizations, there you can Change the Sound, Startup coldboot and the waves, visit brewlogy for the pkg bro
      Jan 15, 2020
    4. iFatalty
      you can Maybe share me an id?
      Jan 15, 2020
  7. iFatalty
    HackersForHire HFH* since 2011
  8. iLeon
    Any questions just PM.
  9. iLeon
  10. Đϵⱴ
  11. lucas game
    lucas game Đϵⱴ
    Vai postar idps 13 mano
  12. Đϵⱴ
    :shaun: WeSmokeWeedModderz :shaun:
  13. visaomodz
  14. Đϵⱴ
  15. visaomodz
    visaomodz JASON83HD
  16. Guztavo
    Guztavo IDPS gratis
    cade as idps gratis
  17. DellzzZ
    DellzzZ Piloto
    any cids
  18. Lucianofight
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  19. Lucianofight
    Lucianofight Piloto
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  20. Lucianofight
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