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  1. Loop Infinity
    Loop Infinity BenadryIz
    hey bro,
    get me a cid please? or at least share one with me?
  2. Jaime valdevino correa
    Jaime valdevino correa Ares
    ola boa noite fui banido gostaria de uma ajuda pra desbanir
    Por gentileza tem como me ajudar
  3. Tico
    Tico BenadryIz
    do you want to publish my private cid?
    1. BenadryIz
      We can share if you want.
      Jun 26, 2020
    2. BenadryIz
      Send it
      Jun 26, 2020
  4. Haru-666DEVS
  5. Guerreiro10
  6. Robson Santana
  7. Paulfer1232
    Paulfer1232 forfun
    Hola quería conseguir los id pero me aparece una nota que está tengo que hacer algo
  8. LEANDRO Modder
  9. Ehsas Shaan
    Ehsas Shaan Disaster1989
    Why the cids get banned?
    1. Disaster1989
      Why asking me? ask Sony
      Jun 17, 2020
  10. kezzy
    i am not 32 i am 17 just dont know how to change the bday on the acc any help
  11. Riand_Christian
  12. Sven1985
    Sven1985 Danii_X_MoDz
    Hello Danii, because I admire you very much. and I need help with something I ask you about here. You have published a script "user verification" I don't know how to use it because the HashTool doesn't work. and my other question is if you know how to convert yft & ytd textures to ctd files? Thank you for your help
  13. LOST™
  14. Borges77
    Borges77 Marrone
    Deixa seu zap mano te arrumo uma
  15. Borges77
    Borges77 Marrone
    Deixa seu whtasap que adc vc no meu grupo de idps
    1. Loop Infinity likes this.
    2. Loop Infinity
      Loop Infinity
      Ainda tem o grupo mano?
      Jun 24, 2020
  16. Juan7
    Alguien que pase mods xfa
  17. GeofencingMarketing
    Geofencing marketing may be a new technology making it possible for businesses to target customers who supported their current location.
  18. Borges77
    Borges77 caverna
    Chama no whatsapp 031_993812712
  19. Fujin
  20. Prince Kalu
    Prince Kalu
    Praying to God for a Console ID