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  1. Shadow

    PC Quesation: Any Virus Scanners That Are Any Good ?

    MALWAREBYTES is what i use its a pretty good virus scanner
  2. Shadow

    6.72 PS4 Jailbreak Mira Showcase Tutorial

    Video Credits ModdedWarfare This is a video guide/tut on 6.72 Mira/Jailbreak for the ps4 just recently released THIS IS FOR PS4'S ON 6.72 FIRMWARE
  3. Shadow

    Banned Console ID #1447

    Working still as of 8/16/18 @9:06 EST
  4. Shadow

    Banned Console ID #1449

    Still working as of 8/10/2018 @ 18:10
  5. Shadow

    Banned Console ID #1447

    Still working as of 8/10/2018 @ 18:06
  6. Shadow


    As the title states this was released.. DONT UPDATE IF YOU PLAN TO KEEP USING HENKAKU https://twitter.com/PSVFWBot/status/983520035191783424 This was released about a week ago sorry for the delay on this info next time it will be posted as soon as known and ill edit this post with change logs...
  7. Shadow

    Adrenaline Update 6.63

    Adrenaline has been Updated Bug fixes were done in version 6.62 which was released one day before 6.63 but im only covering 6.63 Here is the change Log Changelog v6.3 Added ability to freely adjust the screen size to your desire in both psp and ps1 modes. Removed 'Screen Mode' and 'Screen...
  8. Shadow


    Release PSVTrophyIsGood v1.1 * SilicaAndPina/psvtrophyisgood * GitHub This tool allows Vita folders to be Timestamped to whatever your heart desires Note: You will need vitashell to decrypt the folders in order to use this tool Credits are as follows: Massive thanks to @motoharu...
  9. Shadow

    3.65 Henkaku

    TheFlow0 has Released a his Project 3.65 Henkaku Quote "I gave myself 4 weeks to work on the updater, porting adrenaline and making everything else ready for 3.65, but now I've already finished. All my testers reported success and didn't run into problems so far. There is therefore no reason...
  10. Shadow

    [US Save] The Wolf Among Us

    This is a save for the wolf among us you install it like any other it is decrypted its for henkaku vitas only. This save will make getting all of the collectibles for this game a cake walk once you get one collectible the trophy for that episode will pop instead of needing to go back and...
  11. Shadow

    Call Of Duty MW3 BLUS MAP PACKS

    Its been fixed
  12. Shadow

    Banned Console ID #1052

    000000010085000910130D5034FE770B Credits: Piloto
  13. Shadow

    Banned Console ID #1051

    000000010087000B140D985F60C73BC6 - 001207309A1E5E48656FB4EAC4B9DC1D Credits: LooN
  14. Shadow

    Banned Console ID #1020

    We At Console Crunch Are Posting A New CID :) 00000001008C000B14016900BDF2D687 Credits: Shadow Happy Modding Everyone And we will be posting CIDS Once again TELL EVERYONE
  15. Shadow


    check now issue should be resolved
  16. Shadow


    You are not banned?
  17. Shadow

    Working Selling Private Console ID'S [100% Privates] [1 Week Warranty] [25 USD]

    you can buy from disaster this is his thread lol just click his selly link and pay
  18. Shadow

    Call Of Duty MW3 BLUS MAP PACKS

    DLC 01 piazza http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/...FhDgWnvbdMaKdYDtbKVLKqiLJDrLiuoPmfcjWRVVK.pkg DLC02 liberation http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/...OVQQZbJNIjvpczJodLVeLklkIMVeNjDNcfkblAZCx.pkg DLC 03 overwatch...
  19. Shadow

    i have one for 10

    i have one for 10
  20. Shadow

    Black Ops 2 All DLC + Fixes + Updates

    Ive Updated the links everyone eNJOY