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  1. Satan

    Tutorial Jailbreaking iOS Devices up to 14.3! [Unc0ver]

    Yo, yall. If you didn't update to the latest iOS 14.4, you can jailbreak your device! Non US Users: If any of these sites do not work for you, use a vpn! it works! First off, you need to backup your device. Always, always, ALWAYS backup your device before doing anything jailbreaky. You want...
  2. EG6

    New Port-A-Fort Added With V3.5

    Don’t have enough resources or just can’t be arsed to build a quick defensive fort? It looks like the Port-a-Fort is just for you. Fortnite’s newest gadget released with the V3.5 update and looks to be a portable fort that pops up when thrown to the ground. Sounds great for emergencies if you...
  3. EG6

    Admin Fortnite Battle Royale On Mobile Surpasses $1.5 Million In One Week

    Epic Games made a huge splash when they announced that Fortnite Battle Royale was coming to mobile devices. The invites are out and players are diving right in on their iOS devices. We've gotten a few rounds ourselves over here at the WWG office and honestly - it runs like a dream, surprisingly...