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  1. Satan

    Tutorial Jailbreaking iOS Devices up to 14.3! [Unc0ver]

    Yo, yall. If you didn't update to the latest iOS 14.4, you can jailbreak your device! Non US Users: If any of these sites do not work for you, use a vpn! it works! First off, you need to backup your device. Always, always, ALWAYS backup your device before doing anything jailbreaky. You want...
  2. bakedboi420

    Aliens: Colonial Marines - Modded EBOOT.BIN + Easy Install Cheat PKG [v1.05]

    - Aliens: Colonial Marines - Modded EBOOT.BIN + Easy Install Cheat PKG [v1.05] {BLUS only} By: BakedBoi420 !!!!GOD MODE!!!! - ACM Modded EBOOT.BIN Description - I modded the EBOOT.BIN file for the BLUS/USA Version of the game and even included a easy install pkg file with all the Cheats...
  3. Tamati6

    What's changed, I need help lol

    So I remember a for a few years I had my jailbroken ps3 and solid it about 3 years ago, now thinking of buying another one. However I need to know if it's worth it, is there any new methods to making private cid's last longer? Do public ones last any longer then they used to? (Doubt it because...
  4. seeero

    Jailbreak Ios 10 - 10.2

    First thing first download the two things below. https://yalu.qwertyoruiop.com and http://www.cydiaimpactor.com Now extract everything that you downloaded to your desktop and run Cydia Impactor Plug in your IOS device to your computer and the cydia impactor should detect your device...
  5. X

    Help please, I guess? :o

    Supp guys, I got a BIG problem.... I downgraded my PS3 normally to 3.55 Rebug from 4.75 D-Rex. Everything worked perfectly. I downloadeed from rebug.me the PUP for 4.80.1 D-Rex and installed it on my PS3. Guess what, I'm on 4.25 OFW now. FML/REBUG Any ideas? Thanks :(