Alienware Alpha, A new competitor console arrived in the market.

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    We are all aware about the steam Intentions behind making "the steam machine"easy as console and flexible as pc.
    But when steam machine were put on hold by its devs,Dell's Alienware company are trying to steal the spotlight by creating a very identical console having hardware freedom as pc and easy user interface as console.
    It is for now known as Alienware Alpha....
    This machine is designed by a well known pc manufacture company known as Dell.

    To make it user friendly,Dell have designed their own OS for alienware Alpha
    But it have a trick in its sleeves,If you want to make it function like a npormal pc, you have the choice to install windows 8.1 as a secondary os.Just hook up a keyboard and mouse and turn the windows 8.1 functionality on and your PC is all set.

    Is this console powerful enough to beat xbox one and PS4?

    Leveraging the Geforce GTX 860M, based off Nvidia's newest Maxwell architecture, Alienware was able to increase the standard performance even further, customizing the GPU to run at speeds currently found in no other device. To ensure a quick execution protocol, Alienware and NVIDIA paired 2GB of GDDR5 memory to the Alpha’s custom GeForce GTX GPU. Without a doubt, Alpha’s NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU delivers the world’s best performance-per-watt. And at 130 watts under load, Alpha is able to deliver superior performance and visuals against the 150 watt consoles.

    See all the hardware specification below.

    About games this device will support..This device will support the Steam provided games.Meaning all the pc games you can play via steam can be played with Alpha

    See below the games compablity with PS4 Xbox one and Alpha

    To be honest if we sum it up, it is just like a beasty desktop replacement laptop with its own OS to make it a console and it is holding the upperhand regarding the hardware specs, its game compablity and its design.

    This tech can never go old that easy because of the hardware replacement which PS4 and Xbox one cannot provide.

    The Alpha systems will ship at some point in the fourth quarter, with prices starting at $549, which is $50 more than what an Xbox One console with Kinect costs. An Alpha Steam Machine will be available next year as well.
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    Atleast twice the power and value for money man. This machine is just perfect but only the fact that i hate sony is their great exclusives games :(.We need some great exclusives on pc too.I guess its time for pc gaming revolution :p
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    I'm probably going to get this, it looks decent for the price.
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