PS3 Console ID Giveaway #2

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    Giveaway #2
    Hi Crunchers,

    This Is Giveaway Number 2, check previous winner of last Giveaway check this link >>Previous Winner<<

    This is to try and bring more activity to our site and welcome new members and old ones back to the forums

    Steps to enter Giveaway.

    1. You Must Like This Post
    2. Comment Below (I Entered)
    3. Recommend To Your Friends For This Giveaway (Not Requirement But Helpful)
    4. Be Active More To Receive ID At The End (Winner Must Respond Within 48 Hours)

    This Giveaway Will End After 4 Weeks (Time Added Not Enough Entries) And The Winner Will Be Randomly Selected With RNG website With Proof.

    If Giveaway Goes Well We Will Do Another ID Giveaway Each Every 4 Weeks

    *We Reserve The Right To Remove Entries If Found To Be Abused*
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    Open me fir nudes.
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    i entered i love this site
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    I Entered
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    Entered! :)
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    No you didn't lol you must like the thread
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    Now I did..
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