Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes (Review)

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Eric, Nov 23, 2014.

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    So I think it's important to understand this isn't going to be everyone's piece of cake. If you prefer action or RPG games, this isn't for you. It's really one step above a point and click. The game isn't long but be prepared for long periods of time hunting down hidden clues that shouldn't have been hard to find.
    The lack of wit and dialogue is what ruined this game. I didn't hate the game play and yes the graphics weren't great but this wasn't a complete waste of time to me, however the lack of witty lines and sarcasm killed this game. I think it should be understood that there won't ever be a good Sherlock Holmes game that is the equivalent of Assassins creed with chases and climbing up buildings but the one thing that is needed in a Sherlock Holmes game is good dialogue because that's what makes the character. Unfortunately there wasn't any in this game. If the dialogue was better this game would have been much better. I personally enjoyed the game play, except for a few bits where I got stuck. I would have enjoyed a few more puzzles and different puzzles. I did really like having the choice on how I solved the case. Getting different conclusions I could come to and then deciding what I did with the knowledge I acquired.

    Rate 6/10

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    Pretty sick game if you ask me. Nice review if its personally done ;)
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    Thanks man

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