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  1. MacZilla

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    Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City - PSN Version + FIX

    This will make the game work from internal hdd and will be able to load game from ps3 xmb without using multiman etc.

    In my fix i have injected rap file to edat, so the game works without reactpsn.


    Install Full game first - Npeb00907 EU version Download
    1 - Fix 1 Download and install the pkg on ps3.
    2 - Load the game, and update game to 1.02.
    3 - Quit game after update.
    5 - Fix 2 Download and ps3 GOTO: /dev/hdd0/game/NPEB00907/USRDIR\
    6 - Swap out eboot.bin & common.edat

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  3. robbie waters

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    Hey mate. Ive downloaded the DLC TBOGT and it also came with a rap file. But i dont know what to do with it. Can you help?
  4. robbie waters

    robbie waters Mmmm Sweet jesus. Registered

    Or will these fixes work?
  5. MacZilla

    MacZilla Private Registered

    i have already installed the rap file to edat, so just download install the fixes. and the game should work:)
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  6. robbie waters

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    Yesterday I thought the same thing lol. But the DLC i downloaded is a different BLES code then your fixes, Could you help me and somehow make me a fix for my bles? Or will these fixes you have actually work?
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  7. MacZilla

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    Bles - disc europe
    Blus - disc USA
    Npeb- psn version EU
    Npub - psn version US

    My fix only working on Npeb00907, so you need download the psn EU version.
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  8. xMxs MoDzZ

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    thanks bro!
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  10. kiophg3456

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  11. iLucyMods

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    how i get to work with npub? yours is npeb
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  12. MacZilla

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    Hi, you can convert your npub game to npeb, or just download it. I made this patch 2 years ago, and i dont have the tools anymore to make a new patch that will work with the us version.
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  13. tinybot11

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    this worked verry nice for me thanks for the tut downloaded all the files posted here and now gta 4 eflc both work no loop im on 4.82.2 rex rebug
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  14. MacZilla

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    Cheers m8 im glad it worked out for you. :clap:
  15. Rxhs_Gzyt

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    You are one legend my friend :DDD
  16. salih01barwari

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    hey, I have a question about IV. my PS3 is on HEN and CFW. so I download DLC packs for games. but when I downloaded GTA IV DLC packs which contains TBOGT and TLAD for my GTA IV disc. other characters don't show up. just launches game normally like before. i checked in HDD I still have those DLC but not working.
    any solution?

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