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HELP Never heard error:8002A1A4 ps3 hen


Noob I
I'm having this error there when I try to see my profile on psn I can't see it and i cant go to any online service anymore someone has an idea of how you can help me with this error: 8002A1A4
I tried to look for the solution but can only find this video:
that should solve my problem but it must have rebug toolblox but my ps3 is hen so i cant do it (with ps3 hen)
I would be very grateful if someone could solve this problem for me I am trying to solve 3 days and I am not able to pls helppppp


Staff member
Try formatting the ps3 to cex/dex
(go to recovery mode and do option 5 and format your CEX/DEX PS3)

Once you do this then try following that youtube video which you share. Hope this helps.