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Tutorial How To Jailbreak your PSP on 6.60 OFW. (6.60 ME1.6)

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Quick Tutorial for Jailbreaking your PSP on 6.60 OFW. I'm not sure if PSP's can be bricked but just in case: I am NOT responsible for any damage to your psp. (although there shouldn't be any)

Step 1: Attach the PSP via USB and open the Memory Stick (MS) and on the root of the MS create a folder called "seplugins" (NO QUOTES) and open it.
Open the Leda folder in the extracted files and you will see a leda.prx and a readme.txt. Take the leda.prx and drag that into the seplugins folder. (If you have a previous one in there, replace it with the new one.)
Now on the PSP seplugins folder create a new txt document called "game" and open that and type in it "ms0:/seplugins/leda.prx 1" or if PSP Go type "ef0:/seplugins/leda.prx 1" for the LCFW and exit and save.

Step 2: Go back to the MS root on the PSP and open the the PSP folder and then the GAME folder and from the extracted files take the UPDATE folder and copy that into ms0:/PSP/GAME and thats it.
NOTE: If you are updating from a lower CFW than 6.60, Download the OFW 6.60.PBP and place that in the UPDATE folder inside ms0:/PSP/GAME.

Step 3: Exit everything and now run the installer from the XMB and your done
Please note that the CFW for the 1k, and 2k is permanent (You WILL NOT have to re-install it), but the LCFW for the v2k, 3k and GO is only semi-permanent, which means you will have to re-install it to be jailbroken.

Link to the PSP CFW
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Link to the PSP LCFW
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The Information below is only for people who have a PSP with a firmware lower than 6.60
Not on OFW 6.60? UPDATE NOW!

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