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My Site Suggestions

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Im going to list some very basic things, that shouldve been on this site from the beginning. But somehow they arent.... and some quality of life improvements

- User upgrades enabled in the ACP for users to use points to change their usernames without hassling the admins all the time, by making points based on what users have posted will also bring new things as a bonus.

- Removal of Premium CID posts on the Home button and the main homepage just why?? its got its own page and button on the header ffs.

- Return of Public CID's you might want them gone, but it was the only source of site traffic, you could return them but move it away from actual new site stuffs. (1 CID Per month is reasonable) or helll even monetise the free cid scene at $2 per user per month to get access to CIDs you are then making money from something you wasnt making on before.

- The original shoutbox to return, with custom CSS and to add the stuff in extra.less like chat colours and image embedding etc, the new chatbox is janky and has alot of issues.

- Brighter theme colours, its just too dark and basic. The aim of the new upgrades was to make it not look 2013 but that hasnt been achieved yet.

- Give users an incentive to return to the site, weekly or monthly giveaways offer something else besides dead modding scenes.

- Add a ticket bot for moderation and general support tokens so any admin at anytime can respond to any user.

- Give moderators more power, unbanning users... if you chose a mod you trust them or atleast should... give moderators more power as the admins arent online regularly

ill update this with more when i see vulns or things that need fixing.... i dont expect any of this to happen but it is a suggestion
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1.) User upgrades is currently being worked on and is a main focus for me as i am revamping this site.

2.) The homepage article to which you are referring is a temporary article that isnt intended to stay on the main page. Its a filler for now until more content/announcements/articles are added.

3.) This is no longer a modding focused forum. This is a gaming forum. As stated several times, we are in a transitioning period and so anything you are seeing now is subject to change, mostly. PS3 modding is dead. No need for CID posts. Yes, that was a main source of traffic, but that is what was killing us. Sometimes you have to chew off your own foot to survive.

4.) Unfortunetly, TaigaChat cannot make a return until it is updated for Xenforo 2.0. Its an addon that is no longer compatible with our software.

5.) There will be alternative themes going forward, however for now you are welcome to switch to the Tactical theme for now. This theme is still being worked on.

6.) Giveaways are already set to make a return.

7.) a ticket system is not needed at this time, but i will take into consideration upon growth, if needed.

8.) I am a super admin and i am here regularly. If a user needs unbanning, they'll get unbanned in a reasonable amount of time.

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. I appriciate all of the things you have been bringing to my attention!


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