Tutorial Prevent RTM Tools From Stealing Your Private CID

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Batman, Apr 25, 2015.

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  1. Batman

    Batman Active Member Active Member Registered

    Credits: xSuperLobbies YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLorpO8gV7DY-JFetXrZ0Mg

    Hello Everyone,

    As you may or may not know there are many RTM tools that could steal your cid that would get released to the public and eventually get banned. This quick and easy tutorial will ONLY use windows firewall(sorry mac users). No downloads will be needed in this tutorial. RTM tool still works the same after tutorial.

    What you will need

    Windows computer
    RTM tool that you commonly use


    Click on your Start Menu and type Windows Firewall with Advanced Security,
    if you do not have Windows Firewall with Advanced Security as a choice, choose Windows Firewall and click advance settings ( left side ).

    Next: Click on Outbound Rules(left side), then click new rule(right side)

    Then: have Programmed Highlighted and click Next.
    Have this program path highlighted then click browse and find your RTM tool, Find the exe file of your tool. Then Click Next.

    Finally: have Block the connection highlighted then click next. Have all Three Domain, Public, and Private Highlighted and click next. Name it whatever you want, and Click finish.

    End Results

    DONE! Once you have completed all the steps above, you can Close the Application and open the rtm tool and wont have to worry about your CID being robbed blind.

  2. dios mios

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  4. ned filan

    ned filan Noob I Registered

    really smart so the "exe" cant recieve any info about the ps3
  5. Batman

    Batman Active Member Active Member Registered

    Yup so the owner of the rtm can't steal ur cid
  6. Batman

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  7. FinallyCool123

    FinallyCool123 Noob II Registered

    thanks i will try this for some reason last time i tried this nothing would connect to my PS3
  8. felix venckus

    felix venckus Noob Registered

    can someone tell me the name of a cid stealer cus i dont wanna risk anything
  9. Batman

    Batman Active Member Active Member Registered

    well no one knows what rtm will steal your cid so you use this method with new rtm tools
  10. Jack-iFail

    Jack-iFail Active Member Active Member Registered

    just saying pretty sure this has been posted manytimes before.....
  11. Batman

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  12. Unimatrix725

    Unimatrix725 Noob Registered

    Can you post the IP Addresses that RTM uses please? This would help out all non windoze users. I prefer using router blocking and OpenDNS as a backup also.
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  15. Batman

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  16. xCyrex

    xCyrex Noob Registered

    hmm... but how the rtm tool then communicates with the ps3? does this only block the internet or also the intranet?
  17. Batman

    Batman Active Member Active Member Registered

    no this doesn't interfere with the communications between the rtm tool and ps3, it blocks the creator of the tool receiving any information about your ps3 such as your CID
  18. xaznx

    xaznx Noob Registered

    I know I'm bumping an old post but is it possible to block all connections with the laptop/pc but still allowing target manager to connect to ps3 and still allow tools to concept to while logging in? So basically alway to block everything but specifically allowing certain stuff to connect?
  19. Thiago Loko

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