[PS3][C++]Call of duty BlackOps Weapon Stats Editor !

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    Compatible with Title Update: 1.13
    Coded in: C++
    Supports Only: DEX

    Since elite is dead i decide to Relece something i have had for 3 years lol it was originally in C# i converted to C++ Cause i Was bored. this allows you to edit the kills, deaths, head-shots you have with guns !
    i might add more to this later have couple things to add. there may be bugs if so don't flame me kindly pm me
    or quote the thread.[​IMG]

    all the downloads/links

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    Sony: PS3 SDK
    Xx JAmes T xX: C++ Help
    Choco: Disable Cheat Protection
    Enstone: Tutorial How to add SDK
    Asian: C++ Help
    Winter: Hmm is it winter yet ?
    source ngu elite

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    nice how i make this work in ps3?
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    Should add more guns in it
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    Ok replying, even thoguh i don't have an idea how to make this work on ps3, i 'll try
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