PS3 Cheat Request : Castle Crashers

Discussion in 'Cheats and Customization' started by escc1986, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. escc1986

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    im using ps3 Artrmis

    im having an issue with an Artrmis Cheat Code

    here is the file (im having an issue with )

    i use Artmis codes for every game i play on the ps3 ... with this game the code, it doesnt seem to take effect ... is the game wrong or is the cheat file wrong ?

    The Game is Castle Crashers 1.00 .... if Anyone would like to help me it would be Appreciated

    key thing im noticing

    - im using the game 1.00 version

    - the cheat file is 1.00 version

    - the game id is NPUB30181

    - and the cheat file is Castle Crashers NPUB30181 01.00.ncl

    hope someone could help me , figure it out

    Thank you

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