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PUBG To Add Underground Caves In Upcoming Savage Map

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Former Staff
Former Staff
Although we are still months away from the release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' next new map, Savage. We now know a little more about the ideas being incorporated into its design. Savage is a tropical-themed map, and one of its key features will be an underground cave network. There will be multiple tunnels and exits back to the surface, and a large opening that players have the option to parachute into if they wish to start the match from underground.

The design element was apparently inspired by a recent research trip to south-east Asia, where a huge natural hole was found while exploring.

While Bluehole didn't show off any in-game assets, the company did share some early concept art for how the feature should hopefully function in game.


So, are you ready to run from the encroaching wall while also lost in an underground tunnel? How many of you are going to end up getting lost? I know I am.


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