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Rhinox stainless steel manufacturers provide many applications for steel tubing, from industrial manufacturing to the fine arts. To replace traditional plastic pipes with stainless steel pipes, steel tubing is used in
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. Despite the greater cost of stainless steel versus plastic pipes, the latter provides many advantages, including:
• Visually appealing: Stainless steel pipes have a modern, sleek appearance that makes them visually appealing. Inside a building, stainless steel pipes can be exposed while adding to the decorative aesthetic rather than detracting from it as plastic pipes would.
• More efficient: Steel pipes are highly efficient, and smaller diameters can be used compared to other types of pipes. Many materials have much lower mass flow rates per diameter than stainless steel does. Pipes can be cheaper while still maintaining the same flow rate.
• Low corrosion rate:
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does not corrode easily. Even if water is constantly flowing through the tubes, the metal will remain rust-free for many years. As stainless steel is nearly inert, it is unlikely that it will leach into the water.
• Strength: Stainless steel has high durability, and can withstand factors that destroy other pipes, such as tree roots or extreme weather conditions.
• Recycling: Steel pipes can be recycled 100 percent, unlike plastic pipes. The pipes can be melted down and used in other industries once they are no longer needed.


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