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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Praqq, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Praqq

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    So, we are looking for someone who can provide daily news on the Xbox one, PC, and the PS4. This can be anything, from things in general about updates coming out, games, jailbreaks, literally any news to do with the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

    Plagiarism is a no, copy and pasting is easy and anyone can do it, we are looking for someone who can rewrite, and provide valuable information.

    If you feel you can be apart of the staff team ( yes, you'd be counted as staff ) then drop me a message and we can talk.

    New accounts
    won't be accepted, as i am sick of promoting people and them not being worth the time we / i put into showing them how things work.
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  2. Fardin

    Fardin Former Staff Former Staff Contributor Registered

    I want to give it a try :)
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  3. TylerModsDEX

    TylerModsDEX Private Registered

    Good luck let if you get accepted fardin.
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  4. Lollpayday2

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  5. Lollpayday2

    Lollpayday2 Guest

    I know im a new account but i play ps4 alot and i alway try to see whats happening in the ps4 community i can do those things Monday-Saturday and if i have to ill miss church to post on this website[/COLOR
  6. Brutus

    Brutus Noob II Registered

    Hii I'll do it I'll post as soon as I can get info I'm sure it will be everyday I'll also answer any questions about the consoles
  7. Nour20

    Nour20 Noob II Registered

    Here I am
    Trying my luck to get back to this
  8. MrOSX

    MrOSX Noob III Registered

    This sites been open how many years?

    And people are applying for news reported not 1 person has had more than 60 posts yet, wtf?

    YT-XxDGKMODZZxX Noob I Registered

    I've been on console crunch for some years and I've also got a jail broken PS4

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