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Wii U, vWii homebrew no game install


Staff member
This is how to hack wii mode of the wii u without using any games.

1. Remove all USB devices before you start!!!

2. Get this:

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Place all the FOLDERS in sd:/apps/here and the boot.elf on the root of sd card.

3. Load homebrew launcher by CFW or browser exploit whichever is your preferred method and load wupinstaller.elf.

4. Press A to backup and install then leave it alone until Wii U restarts.

5. Go into wii mode then load mii maker channel and install homebrew channel.

6. Thats it done now you have soft modded vWii with no game, included is wii flow for sd loading games, usbloadergx for usb loading games and nintendont for gamecube games,